Nic B. – 13

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Because Of Camp I now know the true meaning of friendship. When I come to camp and meet all these new people I can connect with them and be myself. Some of these campers are from across the country or live in another! Last year I became friends with a bunch of people.

The first time I went to camp I was really scared – I thought I would make no friends and I wouldn’t like it at all. That was not the case at all! I made so many friends and met all the counselors and that year decided I would come back again. This summer will be my 4th. In particular 3 of my camp friends are from California! I can now say that I have friends that live across the country! Since I met these people we have been in contact and talk on a regular basis. A big group of us are planning to meet again back at Camp. It’s awesome!

Camp has brought so many people together and that’s why people come back year after year. I can’t wait to come back and see all these people again. Camp Q is a true experience that I will remember forever.

Can’t wait to see you next summer,

Nic B. – Age 13