What Happened at Camp Quinebarge?

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As many camps dealt with food and other supply issues last summer, Camp Quinebarge was forced to close early in 2021 due to food shortage and delay issues from our supplier. Many camps reported similar interruptions, including one NH camp having to drive to Maine to pick up food and another receiving just one of four weekly food deliveries. When it became apparent, and the supplier emphasized, the situation was not going to improve, Quinebarge made the difficult decision to close early. While all camps had staffing issues this summer, Quinebarge had plenty of staff to run a successful program and, like most camps, was continuing to add staff as the summer was progressing. 

Camp Quinebarge is adding additional food suppliers, including local sources of meats and vegetables, for the 2022 camp season, as well as hiring an additional operations staff member to ensure our supplies are more robust. Likewise, Quinebarge is pleased that international staff are able to return for 2022 to alleviate domestic staffing issues.


– Eric Carlson