What Happens if My Child Gets Sick At Summer Camp?

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What Happens if My Child Gets Sick At Summer Camp?

Parents worry. Kids get sick. Those two truths can make even the most stoic of parents wonder what happens if their child becomes sick while away from them, particularly for an extended period such as summer camp. The good news is that summer camps have resident nurses with clear protocols developed by doctors on record, for what happens when a camper becomes sick. 

So, what does happen if a child gets sick at Camp Quinebarge? First, if a child isn’t feeling well, a counselor or senior staff will check in with them to see what level of help they need, and then either they will take the child to the nurse or have a buddy accompany them. The nurse will evaluate fever and other symptoms, and if the symptoms are mild, the nurse may have the camper stay a little while to observe them and see whether hydration, hunger, or emotions may be at play. Symptoms that are strong enough may cause the camper to rest with the nurse for a little longer or be supervised in their cabin, if there is no fear of contagion. If the child feels worse or symptoms linger, the camp will call the family and see what course of action they would like to take, such as continued supervised rest, going to urgent care, or having the parent pick up the child. Rarely, campers with contagious illnesses are quarantined in a cabin or the infirmary under supervision until they are picked up.  

Why does Camp Quinebarge have quarantine areas? While it sounds drastic, camps had already been required to have such areas available, but they were seldom used. However, to protect others during the COVID-19 pandemic, protocols have required that many common symptoms, such as  sore throats, nasty coughs, fevers, and stomach aches can necessitate quarantine until COVID-19 can be ruled out. If a camper tests positive for COVID, they will need to get out of the summer camp as soon as they are able to be picked up, until which they will be cared for by camp staff. 

Getting sick is never fun, and being sick away from home can be scary. However, Camp Quinebarge campers will have medical professionals on site to help, along with counselors and friends to look after them, so both they and their family can rest easily.