What’s New and Exciting at Camp Quinebarge? – Our Ninja Course, of Course!

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In addition to all our fun daily activities this summer, kids at Camp Quinebarge will be able to challenge themselves while leaping, climbing, and swinging on our new high octane obstacle course. Built by Send City, a company that includes competitors on the network tv show, our ninja course is nestled in woods between the high ropes and low ropes circuit and offers another milestone to conquer for adventurous campers.

Ninja courses are efficient, complex, structures that develop upper and lower body and core strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and tenacity. Children who have outgrown the monkey bars at their local playground will love the challenge of getting themselves through individual elements of the course and perhaps eventually being able to conquer it all, though the latter accomplishment may take a couple summers for many.  


On one side, campers enter the course by hopping across a series of tented steps and then run up an incline and jump off, grabbing handles and hoops hanging from above to swing through the line. Other features include the salmon ladder, which requires campers to hang from a bar and use their strength to work the bar up a series of notches in the framework, raising themselves up several inches at a time, and the warped wall, which just as it sounds, is a concave wall that using momentum and balance, campers run up to pull themselves to the top. Once there, they get to take a breath, look at all the other campers on the course, smile, and feel proud that they made it. 

If you want to join in the fun this summer, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!