It’s Getting Closer – the Countdown to Camp Quinebarge Summer 2022!

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Phases of life are often described as having “a hum and a buzz,” meaning the low level activity that keeps things going, and the louder, more dynamic activity that keeps life exciting and motivating. Summer camp’s hum and buzz are quite distinct. Nine months a year, camp professionals create the hum of recruiting campers and staff, marketing, repairing and maintaining the facilities, creating programming and training, and performing all the other logistical support necessary to be successful. The buzz that energizes us during that time comes from seeing the natural beauty of the campground through fall, winter and spring; getting together at conferences with other camp leaders to learn best practices and new skills; and most of all, talking with camp families and staff. 


In June, the buzz of summer camp begins as we arrive at camp, followed by pre-camp staff, to get the camp ready for our campers. Right now, the Nick and Casey, our Directors; Woody, our returning chef; and Uncle Arnie, our beloved Facilities Director for almost 40 years and plucked out of retirement to help us this summer, are getting the water running, starting up the kitchen, stocking food, working on plumbing, and finishing up the detailed planning of our Staff Training, to mention a few. The buzz will get louder over the next week when pre-camp staff start to arrive to put our waterfront together and get cabins cleaned up and supplied. The amount of work done even prior to the rest of staff arrival proves another aphorism, that “many hands make light work.”


Energy grows even more when the rest of staff arrive for Staff Training. This year’s staff will come from many places in the Americas – many US states and Mexico, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic and from all over Europe – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales, Hungary, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Russia, and Azerbaijan. Staff Training week is an intensely programmed time during which we prepare staff for working with kids based on the developmental milestones of “Ages and Stages” and give them tools to help kids bond with others and ease their emotional needs in addition to getting certifications in First Aid/CPR and in any activity that requires specialized skills and knowledge. At the end of the week counselors prepare the cabins to welcome their campers and prepare for the big day when the biggest buzz of all, the campers, arrive to have fun, adventure, make lifelong friends, and create memories. 

You can enroll your child now for an active and exciting summer!