Campers Learn Beyond the Classroom at Quinebarge

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Nature and Art and Crafts are two timeless classic camp activities that are must-haves for an incredible summer. Here at Camp Quinebarge, we are proud to offer diverse and interesting classes that go way beyond macaroni sculptures and nature walks. 


In nature, campers learn about different animals, basic animal husbandry, and the beautiful ecosystem that surrounds Camp Quinebarge. With 70 acres of forest and 1,250 feet of lakefront, Camp Quinebarge is an ideal natural classroom. Campers who choose Nature learn about local plants and animals as well as environmental topics in a hands-on setting. They walk our wooded trails, learn about local flora and fauna, go fishing, learn about the importance of water on the lake, and have even been known to whip up treats in our solar cookers. Our nature staff is led by Sonja, former staff member and UVM student, and taught by Connor and D.J. from the UK. 


With our arts program, campers get a choice to do Arts & Crafts, Ceramics, Woodworking, and Drama. Our popular Arts and Crafts activities allow campers to get creative with projects including drawing, painting, jewelry and bracelet making, eco-crafts, and more! In Ceramics campers will learn basic handbuilding and sculpture techniques, as well as get to even try some wheel throwing! After projects dry campers get to continue their artistic experience by painting their masterpieces. In our woodshop our staff teach basic woodworking skills and safety. Campers are empowered by creating projects from scratch: they design, cut, sand, build, and paint with close supervision and guidance from counselors, and always go home with something beautiful. Our Drama program teaches kids the basics of putting on a show, performing in front of a group, a bit of improvisation and more. Our diverse arts program staff include Emilay, Aimee, and Hope from the UK, Luis from Mexico, Kira from Hungary, Irati from Spain, and Renee, a former camper from New York.


Rounding out our wonderful arts staff is Thalita from Hungary, who will act as our camp photographer.  All the beautiful photos and videos you will see this summer will be from her talented hands!  Keep an eye out for how to access camper photos this summer – information will be coming soon via email. If you are interested in learning more about the other activities we offer at Camp Quinebarge, please visit our website. If you’re interested in enrolling or extending your child’s stay, we have spots still available this summer in our Third (July 24-August 6) and Fourth (August 7-August 20th) sessions. To enroll, click here for the direct link to the application.