Ryan T. – 16

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Ryan (left) with her cabin at Polar Caves in 2017

Because of Camp I… grew my confidence as a leader and made friends for life. Over my past four years attending Camp Quinebarge, I’ve been an all summer resident of the various cabins I’ve stayed in. Throughout my over 23 weeks spent at “The Q” I’ve made some truly remarkable friends from all over the country and the world, that I am still in contact with today. As a camper for my first three years at camp, I became incredibly close those around me especially my cabin mates even meeting one of my closest friends here.

After receiving the Pine Tree Award in 2013, I continued to attend camp throughout the next three summers where I continued to make new friends and had the opportunity to spend all summer with old ones. As a C.I.T. this past summer, I returned with friends I had made my first year and people that would later become my closest friends to do just as the name entails – train to become a counselor. With memories that I know I will never forget, Camp Quinebarge truly helped form who I am today. After completing the CIT program this past summer I, along with the many other CITs, plan to join Camp Q as a counselor next year. I hope to see you there!

Ryan T, age 16