A Typical Day

Our campers choose their own activities on a weekly basis, and have the opportunity to try something new each week. They attend four choice activities plus a swim lesson daily, with lots of time for bonding with their friends and cabin groups. This means that every day, our campers get to pick the activities that make them the happiest!



Throughout the week, campers will also experience cabin campouts at our tent site or in Monkeytown, All-Camp Trips, and Color Wars, and have the opportunity to head out on day hikes or overnight excursions.

A Typical Day at Camp Quinebarge
7:30 AM Wake Up Bell
7:45 AM Waiters' Bell
8:00 AM Breakfast Bell
8:30 AM Cabin Clean-Up
9:00 AM First Activity
10:00 AM Second Activity
11:00 AM Third Activity
12:00 PM Fourth Activity
12:45 PM Waiters' Bell
1:00 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Quiet Cabin Time
2:30 PM General Swim
4:00 PM Fifth Activity
5:45 PM Waiters' Bell
6:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Evening Activity
8:00 PM Friendship Circle
8:10 PM Showers & Cabin Time
9:10 PM Candle Pass
9:15 PM Lights Out!