Our History



Camp Quinebarge, located in beautiful New Hampshire, was founded on the shores of Lake Kanasatka in 1936 by Tom and Ruth Kenly and a small group of young men who built the first cabins and buildings. Drawing from the New England, New York and New Jersey areas initially, Quinebarge grew with many of the traditions of the time, including singing and developing camping skills, while also creating its own unique New Hampshire environment with Monkeytown, USA, complete with its own Mayor, Olympics and Carnival, which we still have today.

Tom and Barbara Brunelle, affectionately known as Mr. and Mrs. B, took the reins of Camp Quinebarge in 1962. Eventually, Mr. B brought together the all-girls Camp Winnetaska in Holderness, New Hampshire with Quinebarge in 1975, making us a co-ed camp. We still honor Winnetaska today, especially through our Friendship Circle and song, which was written at Winnetaska during its final summer.

Mr. B remained active at camp until his passing in 2010, Mrs. B was still helping in the woodshop through the summer of 2013. Numerous Brunelle children and grandchildren have grown up and continue at Quinebarge, keeping together this rich summer family and our traditions. Mr. and Mrs. B added Trips and Maintenance Director Arnie Wooten to the summer family in 1979. Even after his retirement in 2020, “Uncle Arnie” still has a hand in keeping the camp looking picture perfect.



Tom Hannaford, a former camper and counselor, purchased Quinebarge from Mr. B in 1983, keeping on Bill Dold as Director until his passing in 2000. Under the ownership of our third Tom, the Quinebarge program grew to include our Climbing Wall and Ropes Course. Mr. Hannaford ran the Camp with his wife Cori for several years before passing the torch in 2012 to the Foundation and Eric Carlson, a former camper and counselor who, incidentally, was a camper under Mr. and Mrs. B and a camper and counselor under Tom Hannaford. Eric and Lesley Carlson purchased Quinebarge in April 2021. Throughout his tenure as owner, Eric has made it a point to maintain Quinebarge’s rich traditions while adding environmental activities to the New Hampshire camp experience, and growing the camp to be able to thrive for generations to come.

Every camper and counselor since 1936 has their name on a cabin plaque in our Dining Hall (Kenly Hall), bridging the generations making one of the truly special aspects of Quinebarge that children see every day.