Trips Program

We believe children should experience mountains and rivers and the wonderful natural environment outside of camp as well as in camp. With so many places to see and explore in New Hampshire, we encourage every camper to try a few trips.


The White Mountains of New Hampshire are right in our backyard and offer literally thousands of miles of trails and hikes for all levels. We select day and overnight hikes, easy and hard, to cater to everyone. Hikes can be walks in the park (or through the woods), up to climbing Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the northeast at 6,288’. Our trips staff evaluate each child to ensure they can handle the hike, and are equipped with first aid kits and certifications to ensure each trip is safe. Some of the best hiking on the Appalachian Trail is in New Hampshire and we encourage all of our campers to get out and see something amazing.

Our favorite destinations include: Chocorua, Mounts Morgan and Percival, Rattlesnake, Cannon Mountain, and of course Mount Washington. Some years we lead a three-day Presidential Range trip for the most advanced hikers.



With so many lakes and rivers to choose from, our Old Town canoes and trip staff offer a great opportunity for kids to practice their paddling, either on a placid lake or mild rapids, and an even greater chance for a splash war and a little swimming.

Cabin Trips

Cabin trips enable campers and counselors to explore the region through a trip to Swift River, a hike up (and down) Mt. Rattlesnake and Red Hill, a beach trip to Maine or to nearby lakes, and more.