Monkeytown, USA

Monkeytown, Monkeytown Everywhere

Monkeytown is a truly unique aspect of Quinebarge life. Decades ago, Monkeytown began as a series of treehouses in its own area of camp and these days a lot of camp life incorporates Monkeytown. We have a Monkeytown Mayor (elected by our campers), Monkeytown money, Monkeytown Olympics and twice a year the Monkeytown Carnival. Monkeytown is also incorporated into other parts of camp. From time to time the Monkeytown Bureau of Investigation (MBI) is called into action, and the fun continues.




Monkeytown Carnival

The Monkeytown Carnival is produced and put on by the campers, for the campers: each cabin selects a concession items (bug juice, hamburgers, sandwiches, popcorn, ice cream, watermelon, etc.) at our Monkeytown Auction, and a carnival activity (ring toss, guessing games, and more) and decorate their area with streamers and signs. Through bidding for items to sell, setting prices, and working at a booth, campers work together for their cabin’s success. The Carnival is a high-energy, fun-filled afternoon that every camper remembers.

Monkeytown Olympics

During Monkeytown Olympics, campers and staff are divided into four teams to compete for the Quine-Cup. Having four teams instead of two allows our competition to be a friendly one. Events include everything from creative competitions like flag making and songwriting, to both land and water games, Camp trivia, our Apache Run, and more. On occasion, you may even see a few innings of slip n slide kickball!

Monkeytown Bureau of Investigation

Did the Quiet Paddle go missing? How about the co-directors hammock? Where did the mail box? Better call up the MBI, the best group of crime fighters ever to don a badge. Each cabin appoints an MBI member and they follow clues to find the missing items. Sometimes the member of the MBI is the one who perpetrated the crime and tries to foil the rest of the group.

Monkeytown Money

Where you the waiter for the day for your cabin? Shoot a bullseye? Attempt a new skill or overcome a fear? You may just earn some Monkeytown money, our camp currency. Cabins earn money with clean cabins and in other ways and use the funds at the Monkeytown Auction and Carnival. Each year the money is a different color and kids often keep their money year to year.