Directors & Staff

Our Directors

Liz Schwartzer – Co-Director

Liz loves camp life and Camp Quinebarge. Liz has also served as our registrar, director for two summers, assistant director, waterfront director, counselor and a camper. Liz grew up at Quinebarge, loves Quinebarge and everything it means to young children and just gets camp innately. Most of her family members have been campers and worked at Quinebarge and it is truly in her blood. Liz is a child development professional living in nearby Laconia, NH. A graduate of Ithaca College, Liz has an uncanny ability to know every camper’s name by the end of day two of each session and enjoys personally interacting with each child, understanding how they are doing and helping them achieve their goals at camp and make Quinebarge a special experience.


Nick Hercules – Co-Director

Nick Hercules, known at Quinebarge as Herc, has ten years of professional camp experience working with children as a coach, counselor, mentor and friend.  Prior to being named a co-director, Herc was the Assistant Director, managing our CIT program, serving as Sports director and Head Boys counselor, providing a crucial link between campers and staff and staff and senior staff.  Nick has also been an Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Plymouth State University, helping lead the team to their best start in the program’s history. Herc recently married Cathi Sipe, who is known at Camp as Skippy. Herc and Cathi met at Quinebarge in the summer of 2015 and welcomed their first child in September 2017. Cathi and Herc are excited to share the traditions of Camp Q with their daughter for many years to come. Herc received his bachelors degree in Accounting from Benedictine College. In the off season the Hercules Family resides in Tallahassee, FL. Nick is also the proud inventor of the Camp Fire Fire, a Quinebarge original tradition.

Eric Carlson – Executive Director

IMG_6824Eric was a camper and counselor at Quinebarge from 1980-87, having risen from the youngest boys cabin (Mohawk) through to counselor. He worked in the wood shop and on the waterfront as a swim teacher and boating instructor. As an adult, Eric founded and runs a climate change education and project development nonprofit that is helping preserve the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Some say Eric is trying to recreate Quinebarge as it was in 1983 and those people are not incorrect. However, the reality is Quinebarge is much as it was thirty years ago. Eric grew up in Cohasset, Mass. and lives in East Aurora, NY. Quinebarge is a family affair; Eric and Lesley, his wife, their two daughters and dog Elora are all Quinebargers.

Paul ‘Arnie’ Wooten – Facilities Director

arniArnie has been with Quinebarge since 1979 and is the biggest reason the Quinebarge buildings and facilities look so great. A master of several trades, Arnie is a former cabin counselor, trips counselor and camp director (2001-2004) at Quinebarge but has maintained the facilities throughout his years with us. Nobody knows or cares for camp like Arnie, something that can be seen during any visit to Camp Quinebarge. His spare time is usually spent outside: sailing, hiking, skiing or fishing. Arnie grew up in Weymouth, Mass.

Lesley Marcus Carlson  –  Camp Mom


Lesley is at camp all summer with Eric, and helps out in a variety of roles. She gets to know the campers and their interests and helps make sure each camper is well taken care of, and having a great summer. Lesley also helps our adult staff navigate through their summer at camp.

Lesley got roped into camp life by Eric, and loves the Quinebarge spirit, traditions, songs and how Quinebarge harkens back to a simpler life for our campers.

Lesley is a graduate of Colgate University, has spent most of her career in international development and democracy building abroad, and helps nonprofit organizations. Lesley is originally from Kenmore, NY, loves her Buffalo Sabres and is mom to two wonderful daughters and Elora, the camp pup.


At the very core of Camp Quinebarge is our staff, made up of teachers, education students, college athletes and coaches, and other young professionals. We make sure to find only the best, most dedicated, and qualified staff, many of whom grew up at Quinebarge as campers or CITs. Our counselors come from the United States and around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Hungary and more.

Counselors spend a full week or more before campers arrive receiving intensive training and learning the ins and outs of Quinebarge policies, games, culture, and how best to care for your children. Plus, with a staff of over 30 for 100 campers, our camper to staff ratio ensures that every camper gets the care and attention they need.

Quinebarge counselors are fun, mature, and knowledgeable people, whose first priority on camp is to provide a safe, high quality program to our campers. They provide group and individual instructions in our activities, and act as mentors and role models to our campers. In short, our counselors are a huge part of what makes Quinebarge great!



Senior Staff

Our Senior Staff is made up of mature and professional Directors and Senior Staff, who have combined over 80 years of summer camp experience. Members of our Senior Staff work year round to find the best staff, and create and manage a top notch program for our campers.