What sort of Activities can my child do at Quinebarge?

Quinebarge has a wide range of activities for campers to explore! At Quinebarge, campers get to choose their own activities and there are no extra costs for activities as all are covered by tuition. 

How many kids are in a Cabin?

There are around 8-10 Campers in each Cabin, with 2-3 staff members. 

What time do kids go to bed?

Lights Out is at 9:15 every night, following Shower Hour and Candle Pass. If you’re curious, take a look at our daily schedule (the ‘Quineschedule’).  

What a CIT?

A CIT is a Counselor in Training. These are 16 or 17-year-old campers who want to train to be staff members and learn leadership skills. Our website describes the CIT Program and the philosophy behind it.

What is Monkeytown?

Monkeytown is a space, a currency, a festivity, and a concept. Monkeytown, USA, (est. 1940 and upgraded several times since) is an area of platforms in the trees where we hold our Monkeytown Carnival at the end of each session, which is preceded by Monkeytown Land and Water Olympics. p Campers earn Monkeytown money throughout their stay at Quinebarge. They use this money to buy snacks and play games at the Monkeytown Carnival. 

Where are you located? How does pick up and drop off work?

Camp Quinebarge is located in Moultonborough,  New Hampshire, 2 hours north of Boston. Campers are dropped off on Sunday, between 12pm-2pm.  Pick-up is on Saturdays from 10am-12pm.

Are you on a Lake?

Yes! Camp Quinebarge is located on 70 beautiful acres on Lake Kanasatka. 

Who owns Camp Quinebarge?

Eric (a camper in the 1980’s) and Lesley Carlson purchased Quinebarge in April 2021, after having been the caretakers under the previous ownership. Throughout their tenure as owner, they have made it a point to maintain Quinebarge’s rich traditions while adding environmental activities to the New Hampshire camp experience, and growing the camp to be able to thrive for generations to come! You can learn more about our history here.

How old is the camp?

Camp Quinebarge was founded in 1936!

Who can attend summer camp?

Camp Quinebarge is open to all genders, ages 6-16. 

When does Summer Camp enrollment begin?

Camp Quinebarge opens enrollment in September for returning families and in October for new families. Many sessions fill quickly so we ask parents not to delay in signing up. Deposits are refundable until January 1st. 

Do you offer Scholarships?

Yes! Camp Quinebarge is proud to offer a small number of scholarships each year. If you’d like to learn more about these please contact us.  Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis for those that qualify, and are partial only, as all families must share in at least a portion of the tuition. Please apply early. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please fill out this Google Form and we will be in touch. Returning families who have received aid in the past should reach out to us early to secure their discount.

What does my camper need to bring with them?

Camp Quinebarge does not have a uniform, so campers can wear what they are most comfortable in! Campers receive two t-shirts when they arrive and wear one on all camp trips days. Campers also receive a Quinebarge water bottle. Please use our handy Camper Packing List and Checklist to make sure your camper has everything they will need! And please LABEL LABEL LABEL!

What should I pack my campers' clothes in?

Great Question!  We request campers pack their items in duffle bags or soft-sided suitcases that can be stored easily under a bed.  We request parents not send a trunk or other hard to store luggage.