Before Camp

Below are several questions that we are frequently asked by parents.

What should we pack for our child? Is there a uniform?

Quinebarge does not have uniforms. We suggest that you check out our Packing List for everything your child will need during their camp stay. Campers will be provided with two Quinebarge t-shirts at check-in, and aren’t required to purchase a uniform.

How do we get to Quinebarge, and when is check-in?

Check-in is from 12 PM- 2 PM on the first day of your child’s session. Most families physically bring their children to camp, while some campers fly in from around the country or abroad. Whichever mode of transportation you’ll be using, our transportation page has all the information you’ll need to get here, and we will send out directions and instructions about one week before your camper’s session begins.

I don’t want other campers to know about my child’s learning disability, but I want him to have a good time. Should I include it on the health forms?

Yes! We are HIPPA-compliant with all health records, and sensitive information is only given out on a need-to-know basis: our nurse makes all medical decisions while kitchen staff have access to allergies and dietary restrictions, and all of our staff are trained to be discreet and professional. The best way for us to care for your child is to be fully aware of their health history, including learning disabilities and/or diagnoses of emotional/behavioral disorders.

How can I best set my camper up for success?

The first thing is to show confidence about sending them to Camp. If this means that you need to talk to the Directors or tour the Camp with your child, please do so! Your camper’s state of mind will often reflect yours, so being comfortable with the experience is crucial.

Be as positive and excited as you can. While it may seem counter intuitive, telling your child that you’ll pick them up if they don’t like it can actually be a bad thing. Hearing it often leads campers to start from a negative or skeptical place, and can lead to campers going home early.

I have a few questions that can’t be answered online.

Please call our office at 603-253-6029 and a staff member or the Directors will answer all of your questions. We are available by phone during normal business hours from September – May, and starting during the first week of June, the office is open from 8 AM until 8 PM or later, 7 days a week. If your question isn’t time sensitive, you can also email it to