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Food, Glorious Food

All of Quinebarge gathers together for three meals each day. Seating at our family-style meals varies, with campers sitting by cabins, in other groups, and by choice at the three respective meals. Most meals are eaten inside Kenly Hall, where campers can reflect on 80 years of Quinebarge history, told by the numerous cabin plaques, dating back to our first year, that hang on the walls. At last count, there were close to 800! At least once each week, we take it outside for an all camp cook out cooked by Eric and Arnie.

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Our talented kitchen staff provide nutritious meals, with enough options for even the most delicate palates. Sample dinners include chicken parmesan, roast beef, taco night, pasta, barbecue chicken and more. We always serve vegetables, salad, bread, milk and other goodies. We also have peanut butter, jelly, and fresh fruit available as an alternative to the main option as well as a salad bar at lunch and dinner. Campers are free to chose what of the available dishes they’d like, and everyone eats at least one serving of vegetables each night at dinner.

Throughout the day, we have fresh fruit and peanut butter and jelly available for our campers who need a snack between meals, and we provide water bottles and fountains to keep everyone hydrated.


We are able to provide for a number of dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. If your child has dietary restrictions other than those listed, or food allergies of any kind, please contact the Camp Director to discuss your camper’s specific needs.