During Camp

Camper Mail

Campers write actual letters home each week, with many writing more than that. Please write to your camper as often as you like. Positive and upbeat letters are best – hearing how much they are missed, or how quiet it is at home without them, may make campers homesick.

For those who live overseas, we will scan and email letters from your camper to ensure delivery while they are at camp. We also offer an email letter service through your CampIn Touch account for sending letters to your camper electronically.

Care packages not containing food (including candy) or other banned items are allowed and encouraged. Campers love receiving small toys, games, or items they may have forgotten at home.

For ALL items, please address it to your campers, care of:

Camp Quinebarge
100 Sibley Road
Moultonborough, NH 03254

Please note, after many, many years, we are phasing out our P.O. Box in Center Harbor since we now receive mail directly to our physical address. We will still periodically check the P.O. Box. 





We post photos daily, in a closed group whose contents are visible only to family members. Families will be directly emailed the link along with arrival information a few days prior to camp. For more information, please email us at


Electronics, including but not limited to cell phones, tablets, music players, and e-readers are not allowed at Camp, so that we can focus on building friendships and community. Please ensure that your camper leaves such items at home.

If your child is flying in, he or she may bring electronics for the flight. Upon arriving at Camp, staff will store the items in the Camp office for safekeeping, until your child’s departure.



Most campers have a great time and don’t experience homesickness, but some do. Often, it is mild and passes – a camper may have a rough first night, or simply need a hug and some extra attention for the afternoon. These campers don’t require further intervention and get right back into things.

On rare occasions, homesickness is more severe. In such cases, counselors, the Camp Nurse, and the Directors will work as a team to comfort your child, often setting him up with an older buddy, and contact you to work toward a solution. Only very rarely do children go home early due to homesickness.

Medical Needs

Our Nurse will perform a quick health exam at check-in, and collect any medications, including prescription or over-the-counter medication or supplements for storage and dispensing. Please note that you do not need to bring non-prescription medications such as pain relievers, antacids, or cold medicine, as we keep a supply on hand in the Infirmary.

In the event that your child is hurt or becomes ill while with us, our Nurse and first-aiders will respond appropriately. Also, 911 is less than five minutes from Camp. At the discretion of the Nurse, your child may be taken to a nearby Emergency Room, Urgent Care center, or clinic. The Camp will notify you immediately in such situations. If your camper becomes ill or injured and is cleared by a medical professional to stay at camp, they may do so at your discretion.

Going Home

Pick-up and check out is from 10AM-12PM. We will ensure that campers are packed up beforehand and help you load your car, but recommend that parents do a walk-through of the cabin with their camper to catch anything they may have missed. Once all their gear has been gathered, you’ll just need to pick up any medications and check out with the Directors.