Our Values

Camp Quinebarge, founded in 1936, carries the same values today that it was founded on 80 years ago. Experiential learning, making memories and friendships, trying new things in a safe and inclusive community are the cornerstones of what we do and what we have always done. Campers will come into their summer with curiosity and enthusiasm and leave a little more confident, a little more outgoing, and with a special ember of memory that will stay with them for their entire lives as they have taken part in something truly special. Our most important goal at Camp Quinebarge is to foster a nurturing environment for all children, where they can grow as individuals and as a group. Quinebarge is located in the heart of New Hampshire’s Lakes and Mountains regions, covers over 65 acres and boasts some of the finest camp facilities in the country.



Quinebarge’s beautiful location; wide-ranging program; happy, healthy, positive culture; and superb staff of top-notch professionals offer a chance for each boy and girl to experience a summer of challenges and fun!

Values and traditions are important to us. As educators, our counselors strive to instill in each camper a sense of responsibility to our community. By the time summer ends our boys and girls are well rounded and more confident.

Whether a camper comes for a session or the whole summer, he or she will be exposed to all Camp offers, make new friends that will last a lifetime and return home eager to make strong contributions as a productive citizen in his home community.

Quinebarge is a non-profit, independent Camp accredited by the American Camp Association and licensed by the state of New Hampshire.


  • 61 Increase self awareness, self esteem, personal responsibility and independence.
  • Promote understanding of and respect for nature and the environment.
  • Build friendships, social skills, and community.
  • Provide a sanctuary from electronics and other modern distractions.
  • Create a respectful and kind environment.
  • Encourage development of skills and abilities.
  • Support health and wellness.
  • Have fun!