Olivia L. – 15

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Because of camp I… was able to develop leadership skills and meet new people from other states and countries that I otherwise would never have met. I have made friends from many countries including France, Spain, Hawaii, Australia, and even China.  From these friends, I have learned about other cultures, traditions, and have even tried sriracha!  I have kept in touch with many of my friends and look forward to each summer and seeing them again and making new friends.  


I am about to enter my third year at Camp Quinebarge, and am very excited to return as a CIT.  The camp CIT program will be extremely beneficial as it will prepare me to become a camp counselor in future summers.  This will help me to learn new leadership skills and to help others work together in groups.  I have enjoyed my summer camp experience and look forward to introducing new campers to the Camp Q experience.

See you there!

Olivia L, age 15