Sonja C – 15

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Because of Camp I… came out of my shell and learned to let myself be vulnerable. I’ve always been afraid of making new friends because I could get hurt.

Camp Q taught me not to worry about that. The friendships I’ve made through my 7 years helped me learn to allow myself to take physical and social chances, such as playing a new sport, hiking a mountain, and being in a dance-off, because my friends will be able to help and encourage me.

At Quinebarge, lasting camaraderies are formed that do just that. The cabin mates who start as strangers at the beginning of the summer are the family that you can’t bear to part with at the end. You spend time with people you would never hang out with at school, and they become your best friends. This past summer my friends were with me and supportive of me when I ran for Monkeytown Mayor even though I didn’t win, as well as when I was honored with the Pine Tree Award award. If you come to Quinebarge, your cabin mates and other friends will be with you through thick and thin, good times and bad, and you will treasure the experiences and friendships you gain.

I really hope to see you next summer,
Sonja C – Age 15