COVID-19 and Summer 2020 at Quinebarge

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Dear Quinebarge Family,

We are preparing for camp at full steam, and planning yet another amazing summer here at Camp Quinebarge. With 108 days until camp begins, we cannot wait to see everyone in just a few months!

However, we’re mindful of the current Coronavirus outbreak and feel it’s important to touch base about it. We understand the concern about the virus and its possible impact on camp this summer. Like you, we are concerned about the virus and are following the lead of local and national authorities. That said, we want to reassure you and share our perspective on this summer.

For us, camp is an oasis, a place where children can get away from their home communities (many of which are experiencing outbreaks and school cancellations) and into the fresh air of New Hampshire’s lakes and mountains. In fact, should the virus still be a concern this summer, our remote community may be the safest and healthiest place for children to be. We are committed to remaining open this summer and being the home-away-from-home our campers look forward to all year long. 

An important note is that camp is still over three months away. We are currently reviewing our health policies and preparing contingency plans, but with such a fluid situation it is still too early to make any definitive decisions regarding Coronavirus’ implications for camp. Notwithstanding, we’ve been here before. We have always taken great care to develop and maintain medical practices addressing a variety of communicable diseases, and have prepared for and managed public health crises in the past, such as SARS, H1N1 and others. Without diminishing the seriousness of Coronavirus, our experience is one of a camp that is a vibrant and strong community, and resilient and able to adapt to and withstand challenges like this. 

Like you, we are keeping apprised of the latest developments. We are taking into consideration all information we receive from the CDC and other authorities, and will continue to partner with the NH Department of Health and Human Services before and throughout the summer, in addition to following guidelines set forth by the American Camp Association and our local healthcare providers. As we receive updated guidance, we will maintain open communication with you, our Quinebarge family, to both reassure and help you plan for a safe, healthy, and fun summer.

If you have not already, please join our 2020 Facebook group and follow our main Facebook page for regular updates. If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 as it relates to camp, please contact us at, or by phone at +1 (603) 253-6029. In the meantime, the links below are great resources for discussing Coronavirus with your children.

Thank you, 

Eric, Lesley, Liz and Nick

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