Welcome to the 2022 Team!!! – Ciaran Milligan – Swim Counselor

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Camp Quinebarge is excited to introduce you to our first hire for summer 2022, Ciaran Milligan! Ciaran (pronounced KEER-ən, -⁠awn) volunteers at a dog care center and is a college student from Edinburgh, Scotland, studying travel and tourism, with lots of experience in outdoor education and working with children. As a teen, Ciaran attended three different residential camps in which he did a lot of outdoor adventures, such as building shelters, building and cooking on campfires, and a favorite to all, digging outdoor latrines. He even enjoyed teaching his younger sister and her friends about these activities. When you come to Quinebarge, you might want to ask Ciaran about his  time in a camp mini-olympics involving kids from other nations competing in high jump, long jump, javelin throw, and archery. Recently, he started learning how to teach swimming and diving, which he is looking forward to doing on our waterfront this summer. 

As a former elementary classroom assistant, Ciaran also looks forward to contributing to the campers’ enthusiasm for learning new things and to the challenges of working with children for many weeks. He hopes this will help him toward his goal of working abroad, and eventually running school trips, adventure, and sightseeing tours. While Quinebarge won’t be able to make use of all of Ciaran’s talents, we are sure that his sense for knowing when to entertain kids with singing and juggling and when to stop and listen to a child in need, in addition to his outdoor knowledge will make him a great swim and cabin counselor.