Best Boys Summer Camp in New Hampshire

Why Chose Quinebarge For Boys?

Quinebarge is a traditional, coed overnight camp on the shores of pristine Lake Kanasatka in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Founded in 1936 as a boys camp, Quinebarge became coed in the 1970s and now welcomes campers of all genders. While single-gender camps serve a great purpose, Quinebarge’s mission to help campers achieve personal growth is one that thrives in a coed setting. Just as in life, boys at Quinebarge interact with peers of all genders and all ages, helping them become more well-rounded socially. Our commitment to fun, friendship, and personal growth has many of our campers’ parents referring to Quinebarge as the best camp for boys in New Hampshire.

Boys Unite at Camp Quinebarge

The boys at Camp Quinebarge come back every year because of the great welcoming atmosphere the camp provides for its boys and male identifying campers. Whether it’s camping out in Monkeytown as a cabin or its flying down our zipline, campers love Camp Quinebarge. We consistently gets feedback from the male campers that they enjoy our sports programs, adventure program, boating, and hiking programs the most. We also offer nature, horseback riding, and ceramics. Because campers can chose their classes, we allow campers to follow their passions and make their Quinebarge camping  experience great. Campers always highlight the friendships and bonds that they make at camp. Friendships between boys, girls, and all genders, make Camp Quinebarge the best camp for boys in New Hampshire.

Sports Everyone Can Play

When playing sports at Camp Quinebarge there is only one goal and that goal is to have fun.  There is some instruction in our sports program but boys love that Camp Quinebarge lets them play games and all types of games. From soccer to capture the flag, there is a sport for all our boys at Camp Quinebarge.  If that’s not enough, archery and tennis are offered every period for our campers.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our low ropes Adventure Program at Camp Q promotes teamwork among our male campers to work together to accomplish challenges. The directors of Camp Q have cabins do these challenges early because they find that the boys really bond in working together. Nightly candle pass – a cabin chat lit by LED candle – allows boys to reflect on their experiences as a group, solidifying the friendships and bonds made during the day.

Monkeytown Camp Outs 

Every session at Camp Q each cabin will have a camp out in Monkeytown. This includes tents, s’mores, and ghost stories all around a campfire fire (campfire fire is a thing at Camp Q).  They boys find that these nights are the most memorable and fun nights that Camp Q has to offer.

Watch our awesome camp video here!

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