The Best Traditional Summer Camp in America

The Best Traditional Summer Camp in America

For over 80 years, children from around the world have been coming to Quinebarge to celebrate what our customers say is the best traditional summer camp in America. Why do they return year after year, and generation after generation? We customize our program for each and every camper, ensuring that is the perfect fit for your child. Ours is a true traditional program, complete with all of the activities that a summer camp should have.

Making Your Child’s Experience Unique

Campers create their own activities schedule on a weekly basis, so each week can bring something new and exciting. Each camper chooses four activities to round out their day. Options include boating, drama, arts & crafts, ceramics, nature, outdoor activities, horseback riding, sports, ropes course & zipline, climbing wall, archery, and woodshop. If that isn’t enough variety, campers can sign up for daily hiking, canoeing, and camping trips throughout the Lakes Region and White Mountains. 

Fostering Cross-Cultural Friendships

As campers (yes, our directors and many of our staff grew up at Quinebarge!), our favorite part of the summer was making new friends and renewing our friendships from the previous years. With campers and staff from every corner of the map, your child will meet peers who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The true magic of Quinebarge is in bringing together this diverse group, and fostering friendships that cross borders and oceans. Regardless of where your child comes from, he will leave camp having made new friends and memories to treasure for the rest of his life.