Do Counselor-in-Training Programs Help You Get Into College?

A Unique Approach to College Prep

In a world where high-schoolers face ever-increasing pressure to go to college, more and more of their ‘free’ time is spent at internships, in extra classes, or at specialized, athletic or academic camps or programs. There is little time to relax, reboot, and recharge between school years.

Camp Quinebarge’s Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program is the difference. Our traditional CIT program for sixteen-year-olds is a fun program that focuses on skill-building and leadership training, and may help your child’s college application stand out.

Counselors in Training get more than a resume booster at Quinebarge; they form everlasting friendships, develop leadership and other life skills, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Moreover, the experience of a residential program, where teenagers are given responsibility and some independence, prepares them for college life in a way that a typical summer job or internship will not. If you are wondering whether our Counselor in Training program will help your child get into college, while still offering a fun, fulfilling, experience, the answer is yes.

The Quinebarge Counselor-in-Training Program

College applicants whose extracurriculars show leadership skills, responsibility, and commitment are loved by admissions officers. The Quinebarge CIT Program allows teenagers to develop those skills, among others, in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. The three focuses of our CIT Program are:

  • Cabin and Activity Support – Counselors in Training are helpers in cabins, on trips, and during activities. They are apprentices under our adult staff, and get the chance to take to the lead with the support and supervision of older counselors.
  • Leadership Development – Each day, our Counselors in Training attend special ‘leadership development sessions’, learning about working with children effectively, positive leadership, and how to work as a team. Rather than relying on lectures, we use an experiential approach to learning, with group discussions and activities.
  • Legacy Projects – Each summer, Counselors in Training give back to Quinebarge by designing and executing a Legacy Project. Past projects have included our CIT Garden and Gaga Pit. The best part of these projects is that they are entirely of our CIT’s creation – using teamwork, decision-making, and communication skills, they brainstorm, plan, and complete their projects with the supervision of a counselor.

Life Skills and Summer Fun – The Best of Both Worlds

Most summer jobs, while great experiences, are simply not fun. While lifeguarding, waiting tables, or scooping ice cream teach important skills and lessons about life, the things they lack – fun and friendship – are at the heart of the Quinebarge Program. Counselors in Training don’t just spend their days mentoring under counselors: they bond with children of all ages, form close friendships with their peers, and have a blast as a group, whether at on-camp activities or special CIT trips. Simply put, a summer in the Quinebarge CIT Program prepares teenagers to become adults, while allowing them to be kids for one more summer.

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