Eco Camp

An Eco Camp Experience for Today’s World

Founded in 1936, Camp Quinebarge has provided a fun, safe, and welcoming camp environment to children for generations. Throughout the years, eco-friendly activities and an emphasis on appreciating and respecting the natural world has been a large part of what we do. In 2012, Quinebarge was purchased by Foundation, an environmental organization the helps people reduce and offset their carbon footprint. Since that time, we’ve made a priority of all things ‘eco’ – eco-crafts, eco-activities, and more. Today, Quinebarge is unique environmental education program where campers learn, have fun, and make friends all summer long.

Eco Activities – Nature, Experiments, and an Organic Garden

Each activity has its own eco elements, and our Nature activity is the hub of environmental education here at Quinebarge. During Nature, campers learn experientially through eco-experiments, eco-crafts, and eco-projects. Topics such as conservation, sustainability, energy, ecosystems, ecology, watersystems, animal care, and organic farming are discovered through hands on experiments and activities. Campers harness the power of the sun with solar cookers, learn about natural water filtration through a filter-building challenge, and create eco-crafts using natural materials found throughout our 70-acre property, among other eco-activities.

Our Nature activities is just the beginning of the co-opportunities at Quinebarge. Roughly two-thirds of our property are a nearly completely undeveloped natural laboratory, called Coe Point. Campers explore Coe Point’s pine forest, lakefront, and marsh, performing experiments related to each ecosystem.

On the main part of our campus, campers get their hands dirty in our organic garden, fueled with compost made onsite. The produce from the garden is made into delicious meals for the entire camp population, reducing our kitchen’s overall print. Leftovers head straight back to the compost system, keeping our food service eco-friendly and reducing waste.

Fun and Friends, Naturally

If fun is the heart of Quinebarge, friendship is our soul. We foster friendships from the hour your camper arrives, with each cabin group taking part in icebreakers and team building activities that first afternoon. Staff are trained to help campers make friends, and provide plenty of opportunities for them to do so, with group trips, camp outs, and special events throughout each session. Whether you child attends for one summer or for 10, we can promise they will go home with friendships they will treasure for the rest of their lives.