Gender Inclusion Policy

Our Gender Inclusion Policy

Happy CampersCamp Quinebarge is an intentionally inclusive community, where we not only value and respect all people, but accept and welcome them. Along those lines, we understand that everyone is unique, including in the expression of their gender. Our gender inclusion policy is to accept campers and staff regardless of their gender identity or expression. As with any sensitive personal information, we consider the gender identity of our participants and staff to be private unless the individual wishes to share it. Any transgender or non-binary person who wishes to keep that information private has the right to do so, and we will not share that information with anyone except medical staff when appropriate. 

We welcome transgender and non-binary individuals, and are happy to make reasonable accommodations for privacy. As Quinebarge does not have gender-neutral housing onsite, we ask that all campers, CITs, and staff live in a cabin that best fits their gender identity in everyday life. We encourage any camper, CIT, staff member or parent to reach out to us to discuss how best to work with their situation for the benefit of our entire camp community.