Nature Camps in New Hampshire

Following the Tradition of Nature Camps in New Hampshire

Serving campers since 1936, Quinebarge is a top choice among nature camps in New Hampshire. Quinebarge serves up to 175 campers per session, both boys and girls from age 7-15. Since 2012, Quinebarge has been owned by Foundation, an environmental organization dedicated to helping individuals and businesses reduce and offset their carbon footprints.

As a traditional camp, we offer a wide range of camper’s choice activities, including environmental activities that foster an understanding of and love for our planet in a fun, experiential setting.

A Ready-Made Environmental Laboratory

Quinebarge’s 70 acres of pine forest, lakefront, and marsh are the perfect setting for the budding environmentalist or nature lover. Our Nature activity area is a robust environmental education program that campers love. Campers learn about ecosystems, conservation, local plants and animals, energy, sustainability, animal care, and more – all without realizing they’re learning.

One of the highlights of our nature program is our onsite organic garden, tended by campers throughout the summer. Campers tend their plants from germination to harvest, getting their hands dirty and even enjoying a few freshly picked fruits or vegetables throughout the summer. We’re lucky if the harvest makes it to the kitchen without being eaten – and that’s okay with us.

Real-Life Facetime and Everlasting Friendships

In today’s world, simply getting kids off their electronics and outdoors can be difficult. Smart phones, tablets, and video games keep kids indoors, with friendships becoming part of their virtual, not physical, lives. Quinbarge’s outdoor programming and focus on friendship cures part of this problem. Campers spend each day living, learning, and cooperating with their peers, forming bonds of friendships that will last throughout their lives.

Our staff work to foster these relationships and teach campers to make friends, while providing bonding opportunities for cabin and activity groups. Team building activities and adventures like campouts, offsite trips, and planned mischief guarantee that your child will leave Quinebarge with new friendships he or she will treasure forever.