Summer Camp for New York Families

Quinebarge – THE Summer Camp for New York Families

Since 1936, Quinebarge has been an essential summer camp for New York families, and furthermore for families through the Tri-State area. Founded by Tom and Ruth Kenly of Short Hills, NJ, Quinebarge was attended in the early days almost exclusively by families from the greater New York area, and we remain a premiere summer camp destination for New Yorkers to this day.

Fresh Air and a Screen-Free Summer

A session (or two, or four) at Quinebarge is the perfect vacation from today’s hectic, plugged in world. Our screen free program offers campers hands-on experiences and real friendships that they will treasure for a lifetime. For two or more weeks, campers immerse themselves in all of our activities, across 70 acres of pine forest and over 1,200 feet of lakefront. They’ll fly through the trees on our zipline, skim across Lake Kanasatka in a sailboat or on a tube. They’ll ride horses, and explore Coe Point and everything our natural setting can offer. And with just a short ride to the White Mountains, perhaps they’ll conquer a few peaks as well.

Fun and Friendship on the Shores of Lake Kanasatka

Quinebarge is about more than fun and getting into nature, though those are important parts of what we do. Our mission here at Quinebarge is truly about friendship. Our staff help campers develop lifelong friendships, with children from across the United States or around the world. These bonds have a unique, profound impact on the lives of our campers.  Camp friendships help children to become more caring, empathetic, and understanding of other cultures. More importantly for our campers, camp friends become a family, and Quinebarge a second home to return to each summer.

Schedule a Director’s Visit Today!

Quinebarge may be in New Hampshire, but our Directors don’t have to be! Our Directors make frequent trips to the New York area for camp fairs and Director’s visits to family homes. During a 90-minute visit to your home, we provide refreshments, informational materials, and swag for the kids. If you would like to schedule a meetup or Director’s visit, please contact us today at or by phone at 603-253-6029.

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