Camp is More than Just a Place

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When people talk about summer camp, they often talk about what it looked like: the cabins, the lake, the campfire. Or they talked about what activities they did; Archery, Canoeing, Woodworking, Adventure.  At Camp Quinebarge, we know that camp cannot be boiled down to just its facilities or activities. What makes camp special are the people and the relationships they build here that last far beyond the summer.  At Quinebarge, we sing this sentiment every night in our Friendship Circle “Friendship is everlasting, here at camp and later on.” Campers on Bench


Our staff lay the foundation for the camp to be amazing. They are the ones who tirelessly train and prepare, learn names and games, how to weave friendship bracelets and teach a J stroke. They also learn about our camp traditions, like Monkeytown, the Friendship Circle, and candle pass, which create meaningful experiences for our campers to participate in. Quinebarge staff prepare so that when the campers arrive the focus can be on making camp one of the most special experiences of their lives. Our staff help facilitate the healthy peer relationships that help campers thrive beyond their time at Quinebarge.  The confidence and empathy they learn will make them better friends and help then bridge the gap between child and adolescent. 


The most important factor of all is that Camp truly comes alive when the campers arrive. There is no better sound than the laughter and singing that happens each week around our camp fire-fire, the animated din of conversation in the dining hall, or the squealing on the waterfront. After summer camp is over, the quiet over the lake and forest is no less beautiful. While camp is blanketed in snow, the memories of 85 years of traditions help keep the spirit alive. Our neighbors enjoy peaceful quiet walks on our property, and alumni share photos and memories online reminiscing about their camp experience. The memories our former campers and staff take with them last a lifetime. 

Want to become a part of something special? If you have not enrolled in summer camp yet there is still time!  Visit our website to learn more and enroll today.