Celebrating Camp Kindness Day

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One of Camp Quinebarge’s central values is the idea of kindness. Since 1936 we have fostered thousands of friendships and instilled in our campers the power of kindness – to their peers, counselors, parents, and strangers. The American Camping Association (ACA) also understands the role that summer camps play in promoting this virtue, and supports a “Camp Kindness Day”, this year to happen on July 19th.  It is the ACA’s hope that camps across America participate in Camp Kindness Day to celebrate the practice of intentional kindness. The event started in 2018 and has gained in popularity each year. This is a day for camps to celebrate all they are doing to teach kindness by engaging in simple, repeatable, and high impact ways that are carried on in the daily lives of campers and staff members when they return home from camp. 


At Quinebarge we are committed to upholding kindness everyday, but are excited to intentionally celebrate on July 19th with other participating camps across the country! Camp Kindness Day will allow us to plan fun theme-based activities and cooperative games, cool projects, and memorable moments which will celebrate the value and impact of kindness. During this day we plan on celebrating each other with “warm and fuzzy’ notes, a letter writing campaign, creating bunk appreciation posters, and painting and placing inspirational rocks around camp. It is our hope that our campers will understand the impact that kindness has on friendships, inclusion, and creating a welcoming environment that is so integral to Camp Quinebarge’s mission.


Camp Kindness Day through the ACA is sponsored by Kikori and Kindness Evolution