What Makes Quinebarge Stand Out?

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While Quinebarge is known as one of the best camps in New Hampshire, many parents ask us what makes Quinebarge different from the other elite camps in the area. While our top notch staff, our amazing activities, and beautiful facilities all make us stand out, what makes us truly one of a kind is Monkeytown, USA. Monkeytown is a truly unique aspect of Quinebarge life and dates back to the first days of Quinebarge – 1940, in fact – and is a society of our camper’s creation and for many is a highlight of the summer. The Monkeytown mayor, who is camper elected, oversees this wonderful experience, and is a coveted role that kids campaign to earn.


Monkeytown has become a whole camp experience, where campers earn Monkeytown money through accomplishing their goals, doing fun challenges, and being a good friend and role model.  Cabins work together to develop a carnival station, complete with games and food.  On our final Friday of each session Monkeytown Opens and campers can spend their hard earned ‘money’ on all the fun.  What makes it truly special is that this is entirely organized and implemented by the campers. They learn that their hard work and planning get recognized into something their peers will remember for years to come.  Yes, Monkeytown is fun, but it also helps build those amazing skills like independence, organization, and perseverance that are valuable to our campers as they mature into adults. 

Camp Quinebarge prides itself on a place where all kids are welcome, and where they have fun, build friendships, and gain independence. We are currently enrolling for summer 2023 if you want the child in your life to experience this amazing opportunity. Visit our dates and rates page to find out more!

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