Anti-Bullying Camp

The Premiere Anti-Bullying Camp

Camp Quinebarge, named one of the top sleepaway camps in the northeast by New York Parenting magazine, provides a premiere camp experience, with a focus on fun and friendship. We take the happiness and wellbeing of campers seriously, and have created an inclusive, welcoming community where campers can be themselves. An an anti-bullying camp, we work proactively to foster empathy, acceptance, and above all kindness, in all our campers.

Personal Attention that Campers Need

In our efforts to be a tight-knit community that feels more like a family, we maintain a camper-to-staff ratio of 3:1. Small cabins of 6-12 campers mean that cabin groups bond without formating cliques. Additionally, it allows counselors to know each child on a personal level, becoming a trusted mentor, role model, or big sibling to each camper.

This ratio also ensures that counselors know what’s going on with their campers. No camper falls through the cracks. If a camper is homesick, having a hard time, showing behavioral changes, or being unkind, we notice. Counselors are trained to act proactively, intervene early, and solve problems fairly and with empathy. When needed, counselors have a safety net of Head Counselors and other Senior Staff to help support campers in any situation.

Happy, Healthy, Positive

In order to guarantee the best possible experience for each camper, we foster a happy, healthy, and positive environment where campers can succeed. This begins on day one by helping campers feel comfortable in their new environment. Counselors for each cabin lead their campers on a tour of Quinebarge, after which they guide their cabin through team building and icebreaker games. Counselors remain with their campers throughout the first day and and evening to answer questions, calm anxious nerves, and explain new and strange nature sounds. Throughout the course of the session, each age group bonds further during special events and outings just for them. Cabins spend a night camping onsite, and each age group has an offsite trip each session.

Additionally, campers choose the activities they want to try for the week. This allows campers to start with activities they’re already familiar with, and step outside their comfort zone on their own terms. During activities, counselors are there at every step of the way to help campers learn, succeed, and even fail while having fun.