The Best Coed Summer Camp in New Hampshire

Called the Best Coed Summer Camp in New Hampshire

Quinebarge, founded in 1936, serves boys and girls ages 6-16, and is often called the best coed summer camp in New Hampshire by our campers and their families. We have achieved this by offering a personalized camper program and fostering friendship throughout the summer. Our tight-knit community brings together children in a truly coed atmosphere – genders and ages are mixed during activities, meals, and trips

Fun and Friendship 

At any summer camp, you would expect your child to have fun and make new friends. Here at Quinebarge, we surpass expectations and truly focus on these two values as a goal for each part of our program. Our camper’s choice activities not only allow campers to have fun while trying out their interests, developing their skills, and doing what they already love, but also introduce them to peers who share those interests. In cabin groups and at activities, counselors lead icebreakers and team-building games each session in order to foster and strengthen friendships.

Stellar Staff

A great camp counselor can make the difference between an okay camp experience and an unforgettable one. At Quinebarge, we hire dedicated, enthusiastic, and professional young adults to work as counselors and in support roles. Staff come from all corners of the globe – we’ve checked off six continents over the years – and undergo a rigorous vetting and training program in order to provide the summer of a lifetime. What really makes our staff special, though, is their ability to mentor and build friendships with our campers, making an impact that lasts far beyond the summer.