The Best Sleepaway Camp in New England

The Best Sleepaway Camp in New England 

Founded in 1936, Quinebarge offers a premiere sleepaway camp experience for boys and girls ages 6-16. With over 200 5-star reviews on Google, we’re often called the best sleepaway camp in New England. At Quinebarge, we focus on creating a community that values fun, friendship, and personal growth, helping each child to thrive while experiencing the summer of a lifetime. 

Unique Interests? No Problem! 

As former campers ourselves, we know that every child wants – and needs – different things from their camp experience. That’s why we approach programming with each individual camper in mind. Each week, every child chooses their own activities from our wide array of options. With our approach, every camper does the things they like or want to try, and is never pushed too far outside of their comfort zone. 

Activities You’ll Only Find at Quinebarge

One of our favorite, unique, traditions is Monkeytown, USA. Monkeytown is a ‘town’ within Quinebarge; campers elect their own Mayor annually, and earn and spend Monkeytown Money throughout their sessions. They’ll compete for glory at the Monkeytown Olympics, and celebrate the end of each session at the Monkeytown Carnival. 

Friendship is Everlasting 

If fun makes up the building blocks of the camp experience, friendship is the mortar that holds them together. We celebrate friendship every day at Quinebarge by making it a priority in our community. On day one, we begin with icebreakers and other team building games in cabin groups to plant the seeds of friendships. Throughout the session, through shared experiences at activities, on trips, and perhaps through a bit of sanctioned mischief, campers grow incredibly close, forming relationships that will last a lifetime.