Best Summer Camp in the US

The Best Summer Camp in the US

For years campers have returned over and over to Camp Quinebarge. Campers continuously say how much fun they have at Camp. From playing tennis to making s’mores with your cabin in Monkeytown, campers have fun at Camp Quinebarge.  We find that the friendships made at Camp, our ‘unplugged’ environment, international staff and campers, and the great food at Camp make Quinebarge America’s best overnight camp.

Friendships that are Everlasting

Recently, Camp Quinebarge celebrated its 80th anniversary. We had so many people show up from all around the world. Campers from 1980 talked about how they are still good friends with the boys that were in their bunk. Throughout the history of Camp Quinebarge creating everlasting friendships is a constant.


Leave the Technology at Home

At Camp we have a no technology policy for campers and staff. Camp is so amazing that the distraction of cellphones and tablets takes away from the experience. Our campers unplug when they come to camp and focus on making friends and having fun. Trust us when we say, the kids do not miss the electronics. From moment one they are busy and they quickly forget about their phones. Most of our parents love this aspect of Quinebarge.


International Campers and Staff

Every year at Camp Quinebarge we have staff and campers return at a very high rate. They find that Camp is a very accepting community of all backgrounds.  Our international staff and campers find that Camp Quinebarge is their home away from home. Our international staff come from all over the world, adding a wonderful cultural exchange for our campers, some of whom are from countries far and wide themselves.


Home Cooking

Our nutritious menus provides something for everyone. Whether you are gluten free or a vegetarian, Camp makes sure that you are getting the proper servings everyday to be a happy and healthy camper. Campers love everything from our outdoor Taco Tuesdays and cook outs to our Camp Quinebarge original Whoopie Pies.  

Camp Quinebarge is a premier co-ed summer camp and  one of the top summer camps in the US. We look forward to welcoming you to Quinebarge. 

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