Sleepaway Camp for Kids with Food Allergies

The Premiere Sleepaway Camp for Kids with Food Allergies

Here at Camp Quinebarge, we serve delicious, healthy meals and snacks that keep our campers and staff full and happy. We’re proud of our ability to feed all of our campers well, including those for food allergies. So, what makes us the best sleepaway camp for kids with food allergies? Our Nurses, Directors, and Chefs work together to create a meal plan for each camper who has dietary restrictions. We are nut-free and can accommodate for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, kosher, and other diets.

Food, Glorious Food

All of our meals are served buffet style in our beautiful Dining Hall. In addition to the main course, which always includes protein, fruit or veggies, and grains, we offer cereal, yogurt, and salad bars daily. Sunbutter and jelly sandwiches and fresh fruit are always available for those who need a bit extra at or between meals. We serve our special, allergen-free meals at a separate window, with supervision by kitchen staff so you never need to worry about cross contamination, or your special meal being eaten by someone who doesn’t need it.

An Inclusive Community

We have committed to being a welcoming, friendly community where campers feel a sense of belonging. Our campers tell us they can be themselves at Quinebarge, no matter what may be different about them. For campers with dietary restrictions, we’ve created an environment where they don’t need to feel different. Because of the way we serve food, campers are able to sit wherever they wish at meals. We don’t have a designated allergy-free table, so kids sit with their friends. It’s just one of the ways we accomplish our mission of summer fun and fostering friendships that will last a lifetime.