Gluten Free Summer Camp

Years of Experience as a Gluten Free Summer Camp

At Quinebarge, we provide a premiere summer camp program, with close attention paid to each camper’s individual experience. We go beyond our camper’s choice scheduling model, catering to a range of dietary restrictions, including gluten-free diets. Between our Directors and kitchen staff, we have decades of experience with gluten-free cooking, and the difference shows in what we offer campers. If you’re in need of a gluten free summer camp, look no further.

Something Delicious For Everyone

All of our nutritious, delicious meals are served buffet style in our gorgeous Dining Hall. In addition to the main course, we offer a salad or yogurt bar, fresh fruit, and sunbutter and jelly sandwiches at each meal. On occasions where the main meal contains gluten, our cooks separately prepare and serve a gluten-free option to those who need it. Our talented kitchen staff can make a gluten-free version of everything we offer, and caters to kids’ taste buds as well as their nutritional needs.We always offer gluten free dessert, too – and there’s always a box of gluten-free graham crackers in the pantry for s’mores.

Kid-Friendly Adventures and Friends They’ll Never Forget

We intentionally develop every area of our camper program to foster friendships and have fun along the way. Campers choose their activities weekly, and can match their schedule to a friend’s if they wish. We provide plenty of time for friends and cabin groups to bond, ensuring that every camper goes home with a friendship that will last a lifetime. Whether your child attends for a session or a full summer, it’s sure to be one that they will look back upon fondly, for the rest of their life.