Environmental Camp

Quinebarge: an Environmental Camp in Traditional Camp’s Clothing

Founded in 1936, Quinebarge is a traditional coed sleepaway camp, for ages 7-15. Since the purchase of the Camp in 2012 by Foundation, Quinebarge has increased its environmental education programs, offering them as a part of our robust, fun camper program. 

A Natural, Environmental Laboratory

While we work environmental topics into every activity, the heart of Quinebarge’s environmental camp programming is our Nature activity. At Nature, campers connect with the natural world through hands on activities, experiments, and ecocrafts relating to topics including energy, conservation, local plants and animals, ecosystems, water sources, and sustainability. Campers love building their own solar cookers, harnessing the power of the sun to bake goodies such as brownies and s’mores. 

Campers’ efforts in our organic garden pay off in a big way, with each harvest going directly to our kitchen. Or at least, everything the campers don’t pick and eat right there. The fresh fruits and vegetables make their way into our salad bar, desserts, and snacks throughout each session.

Counselors guide campers through experiments and other learning experiences at Coe Point, our 30+ acre undeveloped area. Coe Point encompasses pine forest and marsh ecosystems, with trails weaving through the trees like a spider’s web. The area is a true natural laboratory, where campers can not only learn about the environment but see, touch, hear, and smell the things they’re learning about.

Fun and Friends that Last a Lifetime

We strive every day to ensure that our campers leave camp having had fun and made new friends. These friendships are the heart and soul of Quinebarge, and the reason so many campers return each summer. We promote a kind and clique-free community with icebreakers and teamwork games over the first days of each session. Counselors follow up with bonding activities such as group trips, camp outs, and other adventures. These shared experiences guarantee that your child will go home with new friendships they will treasure forever.