Nut free sleepaway camps

We Care About Your Camper

Choosing an overnight camp for your child can be very hard. There are so many factors that go into picking a premier overnight camp. One concern we like to lay to rest for our families is having nuts or nut/peanut products around. At Camp Quinebarge, we are a nut free facility. All of our meals and snacks are completely nut free.  

Go Nuts for Sunflower Butter

Quinebarge removed all nuts from our meals so our campers (and parents) who are allergic to nuts can feel at home at camp and be worry free in the dining hall. All meals and all snacks at Quinebarge are nut free, period. Throughout the day, we have fresh fruit and sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches available for those who need to fill up between meals.  All trip meals and camp outings meals are nut free as well.

Other Food Allergies or Requests? No problem!

At Quinebarge we offer 3 delicious, healthy meals a day that have a variety of options. All meals will have a protein, vegetable, and starch. Each meal is served with multiple fruit options and for lunch and dinner we have a beautiful looking salad bar. All meals have a gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan option so that no matter your camper’s dietary restrictions they will enjoy the Camp Quinebarge food. If your child has allergies or restrictions please let us know prior to camp so we can prepare accordingly.

Eat in Style – Our Gorgeous New Dining Hall and Awesome Lake View

With a brand new dining hall at Quinebarge you can enjoy your nut free meal in style. Our new dining hall seats over 250 people with beautiful views of the lake.