Quinebarge – A Healthy Sleepaway Camp

The Healthy Sleepaway Camp: An Oasis in Today’s World 

For over eighty years, Quinebarge has been campers’ second home, a place where they could take a break from home and school life. In a time when we are practicing social distancing and staying at home, the magic of a healthy sleepaway camp is that it allows campers to remain safe, while promoting social relationships, fun, and personal growth. In many ways, the closed environment of sleepaway camp is safer than day-only programs, school, social excursions, and -for some campers- staying at home. Within the ‘bubble’ of camp life, physical contact with the greater world is minimal, insulating campers, and the families they’ll eventually return to, from outside factors such as COVID-19.

Onsite Medical Team and Outside Support 

Quinebarge has medical staff onsite 24/7, including a camp nurse, health assistant(s) and other staff members with medical certifications, to take care of our campers’ basic healthcare needs. Additionally, we contract with local hospitals and family practices to provide urgent and other care as needed. As a team, we – with the help of those outside providers – review and update our healthcare policies and practices before and during each summer season.

Healthy Habits and Practices 

Camp has always been a place where campers can learn or enhance certain life skills – the number of parents who’ve called us to ask how we got their child to make their bed everyday is a testament to that! These days, there is more emphasis than ever on both physical and mental/emotional health, and what we can do to keep ourselves and others healthy; summer camp is the perfect place to practice skills and process the emotions we’re all experiencing, in a safe place. Routine hygiene is augmented with hand washing/sanitizing at stations throughout camp, we practice appropriate social distancing, and counselors help campers build resilience every day.

Fun, Friendship, and Human Connection

In the wake of events that are changing society, children time to have fun, build relationships, and just be kids! As much as health and safety are our first priorities, Quinebarge is a place for children to be themselves, experience adventure, and make everlasting friendships. Whether it’s during camper’s choice activities, on the lake, or in cabins, we’re committed to making this (and every) summer a life-changing and unforgettable, positive experience for all of our campers.

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