Inclusive Summer Camps in New Hampshire: Quinebarge

One of the Most Inclusive Summer Camps in New Hampshire

At Quinebarge, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and inclusive community for all of our campers and staff. Our traditional overnight camp program is personalized for each child so they get the most out of their experience, and is open to boys and girls ages 6 – 16. We welcome all campers, regardless of nationality, religion, or gender identity. Parents of transgender and non-binary campers can rest assured knowing that their camper will be assigned to a cabin that most closely fits their gender identity. For more details, please see our gender inclusion policy.  

Making Everyone Feel Welcome

There’s nothing better in this world than human connection and friendship, so we focus on building those bonds from day one. Each cabin spends the first afternoon of every session getting to know one another through icebreakers and other team-building games. At our opening Campfire Fire, our Executive Director talks about friendship and kindness as the core values of our community. We reinforce these values throughout the summer by continuing to foster friendships, rewarding kindness, and treating all of our campers like friends. By the end of the summer, each camper returns home with new friendships that will truly last a lifetime. 

Setting Each Child Up for Success

If friendship is our most important value at camp, fun comes in right behind it. We structure our program to maximize fun for each individual camper with activities that they choose for themselves each week. By designing their own activity schedules, campers: 

  • Explore their interests and develop both technical and life skills;
  • Meet campers who share their interests but live in another cabin; 
  • Build independence, confidence, & resilience by stepping outside their comfort zones at their own pace; 
  • And most importantly – have fun! 

With a focus on friendship and fun, Quinebarge truly is a place where every child can be themselves and create relationships they will cherish forever. 

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