Parents Call Us the Best Summer Camp for International Campers

Parents Say We’re the Best Summer Camp for International Campers

A French camper enjoys horseback riding.

Camp Quinebarge, founded in 1936, has a longstanding tradition of welcoming international campers for the summer. Each summer, we have campers and staff from around the world, and over the past several years have hosted campers from six continents. We take this role very seriously, and provide personal attention to ensure that everything from enrollment, to travel, to communication with campers once they arrive runs smoothly. Several of our camper’s parents say we’re the best summer camp for international campers because of that dedication to providing a premiere camp experience from start to finish.

Taking Linguistic Development Outside of the Classroom

These Mexican and American campers are the best of friendsCamp is a true English immersion program, where campers practice their comprehension and speaking skills while having the time of their lives. Campers speak English all day with their peers, at activities, meals, and in the cabin, increasing their fluency far more quickly than at school. Because they spend the day playing and having fun at activities they’ve chosen for themselves, campers hardly realize they are learning at every moment. For moments when campers need support or must communicate in their mother tongues, several members of our staff are fluent in Spanish and French as well as other languages each summer. 

Cultural Exchange Based on Friendship

CITs from Denmark, the US, and Mexico pose for a photo on their last day together.

The world is growing ever smaller, and understanding other cultures is more important than ever. The best way we’ve found to promote cross-cultural understanding is by fostering friendship among our campers and staff from all over the world. We lead icebreakers and team building games during cabin time, and at activities campers bond through shared experience. The end result is the same, no matter which country our campers call home: they’ll go home with new friendships that will truly last throughout their lives.

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