The Top Ranked Summer Camp in America

The Top Ranked Summer Camp in America 

Camp Quinebarge is a traditional overnight camp for boys and girls ages 6-16, and is a top ranked summer camp in America. Since 1936, we’ve offered a premiere program, focusing on individuals in a way that allows each child, and our community, to flourish. With over 200 5-star reviews on Google from parents and alumni, you can be assured that Quinebarge is a truly top-notch camp.

Structured Electives Build Skills and Confidence

We believe that children can build life skills like confidence and independence when they have a hand in creating their own camp experience. We give campers ownership over their schedules with structured electives, allowing them to choose the four activities built into their schedule each week. Beyond the simple joy of doing things they love, electives allow campers to develop skills, try new things, and interact with peers who share their interests. 

Friendship is Everlasting

If you ask any Quinebarge alumni, they’ll likely tell you first and foremost about the friendships they built during their time here. This isn’t an accident – we’ve intentionally designed our program around friendship, creating an inclusive community that prioritizes kindness. The seeds of friendships are planted on day one, and blossom throughout the session. At the end of the summer, your child will return home with new bonds that will truly last a lifetime.