What makes Quinebarge the Best Traditional Summer Camp in New Hampshire

Quinebarge – The Best Traditional Summer Camp in New Hampshire

Founded in 1936, Camp Quinebarge is a true throwback summer camp, focusing on fun, friendship, and personal growth. Why are we the best traditional summer camp in New Hampshire? Because we tailor our program to each individual camper, giving everyone the summer experience they want and need, while promoting friendship, community, and kindness.

Unplugging from Screens to Plug into Fun

At Quinebarge, campers spend their time here completely unplugged from electronics. While two or more weeks without their screens can sound daunting at first, campers truly don’t even miss them when they’re here. Often, campers will confide in counselors that they enjoy the break from social media, even if they’d never admit it to their friends. 

Instead of scrolling, tapping, and typing, campers spend almost all day outside, enjoying everything nature has to offer. We offer every activity a traditional camp should, plus a few modern additions. Campers can choose from: arts and crafts, ceramics, drama, woodshop, boating, swimming, archery, nature, sports, horseback riding, our ropes course, climbing wall and zipline, and our ever-popular trips program with daily hikes and camping trips. The best part? Each child chooses their own schedule, so they do exactly the activities they want. Our choose-you-own-adventure approach ensures that every camper’s experience is exactly what they’re looking for. 

Forging Everlasting Friendships

Without a doubt, our favorite part of camp is meeting new people and making friends every summer. Friendship is so important to us, in fact, that we start each session with activities designed to help campers make friends. In cabins, counselors lead icebreakers and team building games, which are then worked into activities throughout each week to help campers forge connections and build bonds with one another. Summer after summer, the end result is the same: campers go home with new friendships they’ll treasure for years to come.

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