Inclusive Summer Camps in New England – Quinebarge

Among the Most Inclusive Summer Camps in New England

Here at Quinebarge, we are proud to be an inclusive and caring environment for all who choose to join us. Our program is open to all children ages 6-16, regardless of religion, nationality, or gender identity. As one of the top inclusive summer camps in New England, we not only accept all campers, but welcome them with open arms and make sure that everyone can be themselves. In particular, it’s important to us that LGBTQ+ campers and their families know that they will be safe and accepted at Quinebarge. Please see our gender inclusion policy for full details. 

Kindness, Fun, and Friendship

The magic of Camp Quinebarge boils down to three values: kindness, fun, and friendship. It may sound silly (don’t all camps focus on these things?), but by truly prioritizing them, we create a community in which every camper grow, thrive, and have the summer of a lifetime. 

  • Kindness – No matter who you are or what you’re doing, you can always choose to be kind. This message is shared with our campers on day one, then modeled and reinforced throughout the summer. We talk about the value of kindness in cabin groups and at our opening Campfire Fires, and continue by rewarding kindness and treating every member of our community like a friend. This focus on kindness allows our campers and staff to feel safe and accepted being themselves at camp.
  • Fun – For us, fun means a lot of things, but mostly it means tailoring our program to each camper. Our activity schedule is based on camper’s choice activities; each week, every camper selects their own individual schedule for the week. They can do what they love, try new things, and step outside their comfort zone at their own pace. And with ample activities to choose from, each week holds something exciting and new.
  • Friendship – There is no better way to leave camp than with friendships that will last a lifetime. That’s why we start building those bonds on day one. Each cabin spends their first afternoon as a group, playing icebreakers and team building games that help campers feel comfortable right away. As the weeks progress, friendships solidify during activities, cabin field trips, special events, and perhaps even a bit of mischief. The end result is the same year to year: every camper goes home with friendships that will last a lifetime. We should know – many of our staff and even Directors grew up at Quinebarge and still treasure the friendships they made as campers.